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Frequently Asked Questions
Jul 14, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • I’m a member of another FOP Lodge. Do I have to transfer or give up my membership in that lodge if the FOP represents me?

    • No. You can remain a member in your current lodge.

  • Are supervisors (G5) included in this?

    • No, Supervisors will remain with AFSCME.

  • Will I pay more in union dues?

    • No, union dues will remain at 1.5%

  • Will I lose my health insurance?

    • No. Insurance is handled by PEBTF. The Board of directors for PEBTF has a member of the FOP on it.

  • Will there be a period of no union representation?

    • No. As of 6/14/2023, FOP Lodge 92 Labor Services is the exclusive bargaining representative for the G4 bargaining unit.

  • Will side-letters remain in place?

    • Yes.

  • Does joining the FOP give me interest arbitration?

    • No, interest arbitration is mandated by the state legislature only for very specific job titles, none of which are in this bargaining unit.

  • How do I keep up to date?

Janus vs. AFSCME

  • What does the Janus decision do?

    • It affects the ability of a lodge to collect money from non-members as a condition of employment.

  • Does the Janus decision affect the ability to have dues deductions from members?

    • No, deduction of dues from members’ paychecks is left unchanged.

  • Will the Janus decision cancel out the right of members to have their dues deducted from their paycheck?

    • No. Where state and local laws allow, the deduction of dues from members’ paychecks is left unchanged. In other words, if your local jurisdiction is now deducting dues from your paycheck, that will not change.

  • Can non-members still pay a fair-share fee and have it deducted from their paycheck?

    • No.

  • Will our union have to renegotiate any of the clauses in our collective bargaining agreement?

    • Yes.

  • Will we have to represent non-members under the duty of fair representation?

    • ​Yes. However, PA courts have ruled that non-members can be charged a fee for anything outside of contract negotiations for non-members.

  • Does the lodge have the responsibility to bargain collectively for non-members?

    • Yes, to a certain extent. We are still evaluating the language in the Janus decision to see how it might affect the duty of fair representation. At the very least you will be required to represent non-members during the initial processing of a grievance. However, at such time attorneys or expert witnesses may be needed. It may be possible to charge the non-member for those services.

  • ​How did I end up under the FOP?

    • ​In July 2022, approximate 750 employees petitioned the PLRB for new union representation for the G4 Bargaining Unit. In May 2023, the PLRB held an election for bargaining unit representation and FOP Lodge 92 won this election. Effective June 14, 2023 FOP Lodge 92 became the exclusive bargaining unit representative for the G4 Bargaining Unit.

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